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Corporate History

Eveley’s operation began in September 1968, as an alignment, suspension, and undercarriage specialist for tractors and trailers. The operation met with success providing continuous service for area fleet owners. Through its service function, the company became aware of the problems of trailer maintenance; the "short-comings" of suspension components, the uncertainty of parts supply, and long delivery of replacement parts.

In the period between 1978 and 1981, Eveley began a standardization and interchangeability of what had become over the years, a maze of costly forged and cast trailer suspension components.

In 1982, with design changes and standardization underway, Eveley began to manufacture heavy-duty suspension components. Costly cast and annealed steel components have been replaced with precision cut formed plates, which are robotically welded providing consistently high-quality parts time and again.

In 2004, Eveley started the process of developing an integrated axle/suspension and slider package and in 2006, Eveley started producing axles for the transport trailer industry.

Our advanced manufacturing techniques have allowed us to improve processing time and therefore, costs, which we can
in turn, pass on to you the customer.

Eveley International manufactures its full range of suspension and axle systems at its Stoney Creek, Ontario facility.

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